Some pictures from December.


1. Matt, Darbi, Me and Sydney.
2. Andrew, flexing.
3. Kevin and Santi, trying to get down the ball. 
(The struggle was very real here, just sayin')
4. Sydney and I in Kevin's football gear.. (old now since football is
over, and he has played his last game)..
5. Soccer team dinner, love this team.
6. The Gateaway Arch, St. Louis, Missouri.
7. Xander's soccer team, He's the MVP and he even scored as a keeper..
8. Miranda, Zoie and I.
1. Brody tryin' to learn the states.
2. Marianne..
3. Santi with the Baseball hat on..
4. Me tryin' to pull of that baseball hat, (it was obviously too big)..
L. Bailiegh, wonderful Bailiegh, tryin' to be a football player.
R. Marianne and I.
Thanksgiving... The famous Chicago Pizza..
It was not good tbh, it tasted like lasagna...
(I know thanksgiving is in november but anyway)
L. Pizza
R. Me on thanksgiving..
Local parade in Wheaton, Illinois.
Me and Kevin.
He's one of my closest friends over here, and I'm so incredibly
happy I met him. This dude has such a great inpact on my life and
without him here life wouldn't be half as fun.