~ November


Halloween. Did I tell y'all I was a banana? 
1. Me and Maxi
2. Luke, my math buddy
3. Seth, the happy one.
4. Me and Inga, my blond german 
1. Me and Marianne.
2. Me and Eliegh, my little redhead
3. Sam and Inga
4. Jarrod, Aric and me. These guys make biology so fun,
so thankful for those two.
Biology class... 
1. Darbi, the guurl
2. Kevin, my main man football player.
3. A girl sleeping in english. (Just had to take this picture to show y'all
how every english class looks like. It's a new sleeper everyday).
4. Me and Maxi 
1. Kevin and I
2. Me and Marianne.
3. Me and Marianne and our own shirts.
4. The back of the shirts. "If she ain't foregin, she's boring"
~ Veteran's day everybody.
50+ veterans came  to our school that day to be celebrated.
We had a big show with song, dance and just a lot of fun and different things
to thank the veterans of this country. I love how the americans really admires
and thank these veterans, every year.
1. Talked to Stina this month..
2. Darbi with a beautiful flower crown.
3. Backyard during fall
4. It's fall y'all.
1. Pyry (aka Jeff) and Me.
2. Darbi and Me.
3. John and Darbi (Used to date hihi)
4. My favorite guy foreigners, Santi and Pyry.
1. Me and my germans. (Inga and Maxi)
2. Bailiegh, my favorite New Zeeland girl 
3. Me and Marianne
4. Me and the crazy one herself, Inga
1. Nicole and Baileigh 
2. Me, Baileigh and Maxi
3. Baileigh 
4. Same people again, lol.
and yes, I was a banana for Halloween.
Don't laught to much at me.